Ranking system

We allow our members to monitor their performance at all times while using Knowledge Tools e-learning system. The platform provides bespoke functions for showing the academic activity previously conducted by every member, the top 100 of all users and many other useful similar features.

My activity

This feature is available for logged in users and it shows their previously activity over the last 12 months with 3 different views: daily view (last month),  weekly view (last 15 weeks) and monthly view (last year). The functionality also shows the volume of both correct and incorrect answers – with 2 different colours.

Top 100 of the month

This functionality shows the top 100 players of the previous calendar month, judging by the volume of correct answers given.

Need help understanding this?

We also offer free phone and email-based support in order to help you interpret the scores. We can also advise you on the subjects which you should improve by using our free tuition platform.