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Please use the contact form below if you wish to get in touch. We developed the TTE platform as simple as possible, but even so, you might have questions about the source of the content or perhaps you might want to work with us to publish your content.

You might have questions about how we can use this platform for large-scale deployments within a school or educational facility. We have partnered up with content creators in Asia and Eastern Europe, and we would love to engage in a conversation about how we can use our platform and our partner’s content to help people absorb knowledge more efficiently.

Our platforms’ ability to render pages in multiple languages allows us to make content available for anyone anywhere. It benefits our users and content-creating partners, given the high level of visibility we can provide globally. With the use of the Internet and the speed with which information propagates, it is just a matter of time before content creators reach areas connected to the Internet.

TTE is the type of platform able to circulate such information using the traits of a powerful e-learning system that stimulates one’s memory by repeatedly answering relevant questions. As a content creator, this platform is ideal for maximising the benefits of your narratives.

Equally, if you are a user and wish to get in touch for other reasons, please do so, and we would be delighted to answer your questions and learn from your experiences whilst using our platform.

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We kindly ask you to be considerate and polite in your message, and we are committed to responding as soon as possible, but this may usually take a day or 2 to ensure that your message reaches the right person within our team.

Please fill in your contact details in the body of the message, including your preferred method of contact, which can be by phone or through one of the social media services. We will endeavour to get back to you using your preferred method of communication.

For us, meeting communication with our users is critical. Therefore, please note that we ask for your consent to allow us to get in touch with you by submitting this form. We appreciate your right to withdraw this consent. Therefore should you ever feel that you wish to withdraw your consent, please reply to all of our emails and state to that effect.