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Simple mathematical calculations of adding two or more numbers

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Our content creators have focused on establishing a base of mathematical quizzes with basic operations to help parents, pupils, and those who have reached the A-levels improve their basic mathematical skills.

The structure behind our collection of mathematical questionnaires is robust and comprehensive, and it aims at providing highly easy-to-use forms accessible from anywhere using any mobile device.

The collection of questionnaires specific to mathematical addition calculations is listed below.

Adding two numbers for each number is not greater than twenty
Adding two numbers where each is not greater than fifteen
Adding two numbers where each is not greater than five
Adding two numbers where each is not greater than nine

The questionnaires above are specific to mathematical calculations – specifically, the additions. They are structured based on two or more input numbers and whether there are particular ranges, i.e. from one to ten, one to twenty, etc. You might choose the interval for the input variables based on the level of difficulty you wish to assess.

You can either complete a limited number of questions or fill in the entire form; however, feel free to submit the questionnaire using the button at the end of the form to receive your email-based stats.

Aside from the addition, our system will include other operations such as subtraction, multiplication and division. These will form the foundation for our collection of basic mathematical operations aimed at helping pupils and parents in their early stages of education.

We encourage you to get in touch and provide samples of course material that you would find helpful, and we will endeavour to integrate the questions into our e-learning platform. Our e-learning platform specialises in flexibility and accessibility, so you will never have to worry about having a particular app installed or need a specific device.

You can use our collection of questionnaires regularly to ensure that the time spent learning is invested effectively, and you can submit a form every week and analyse your email-based resource to compare and contrast performance from one week to another.