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The learning journey

Learning and education have always been essential to developing long-term capabilities.

Education comes in different forms and at different levels of intensity. These vary depending on the amount of time one has and, frankly, the financial situation and availability of any budget.

Luckily the use of the Internet made accessible access to information. The data is now available within seconds, from repositories of knowledge developed based on user contributions such as Wikipedia to dedicated commercial websites specialised in niche areas.

The power of the Internet

Accessing information through browsing is quick and efficient. However, when it comes to learning a particular subject matter, it will take slightly more than a few seconds. Learning is a different process requiring accumulating considerable information on a topic. Learning for an exam involves understanding weeks of materials and being able to answer questions from any of the subjects taught during these weeks.

TTE (“Tutoring tuition and e-learning”) began as a family project with the strong desire to create an e-learning system that is accessible, free of charge, and to ensure that it remains open for anyone to contribute.

Please use our portal and email us if you have any questions or wish to provide feedback using a contact section.

If 20 years ago, societies struggled to access information due to the lengthy process associated with purchasing materials and logistics, today, data is at the other end of a click. The Internet has made access to information extremely accessible to the extent that we are now overwhelmed by the amount of content being made readily available.

In some platforms, the level of challenges raised is specific to having too much content made available and the detrimental effects of this content on the vulnerable. Content produced using visual recordings is equally challenging to monitor and then brings the potential to become viral extremely fast.

It will be a fair summary to argue that in the last 2030 years, content has become both an enabler and a source of challenges, and in conjunction with the use of the Internet, it has spread extremely fast, or it has developed the ability to do so.

Moving now towards the element of learning, we see content as a valuable component, but it must be served correctly and efficiently. The risks associated with not doing that will impact one’s ability to learn whilst it will only turn into a time-consuming process with no results.

We believe an e-learning platform has specific characteristics that will activate one’s interest and keep that person engaged. Failing to meet these characteristics will create just another alternative to the many other options already available on the Internet.

We are not in the business of replicating work, so this portal aims to put the foundation of an efficient e-learning platform as we see fit for purpose.

Simple to use

Entrepreneurs who believe that “simple is more” inspire our work, including our online platform.


Our platform allows the integration of any language used today so that we can accommodate anyone.

Driven by user content

Almost anyone can contribute to the repository of knowledge we have published for this project.

Bogdan Ciocoiu